Monday, January 15, 2007

No Promise Of Tomorrow

I met a young man who I'll call "C" on Friday night. He had had his share to drink and wasn't feeling a lot of pain. He took a tract from me and said he was looking for "something." He knew there must be "a god" out there.. He said he'd been looking to find out what was true for some time without really getting to the answer.

Yuri and I shared the answer with him but he was really too drunk to understand so we gave him some reading material and a website to go to. We prayed he'd get the chance to learn.

Tonight on my way to pick up my lovely wife I stopped at a fatal car crash. An apparently drunk driver had come up the Highway going the wrong way and struck C's car head on. I'm a First-Aider and stop at quite a few accidents. The driver who was going in the wrong direction died prior to my arrival, so I proceeded to help C who was in some trouble. Thankfully the fire dept and medical help were there faster than I could even finish checking C out and he left the scene alive and I expect he'll be ok with medical help.

The thing is C had no idea he was going to be involved in this accident. Had he known, he wouldn't have left Yuri and myself until he knew everything he could about God. The other driver surely didn't know he was about to die. I wonder if one of our team had given him a tract?

My point in posting this is simply that the Gospel is not a game. People die. Life happens and it gets bad in a hurry. We don't get a 24 hour notice about when we're going to finally take God seriously and check Him out.

Take the test and get it worked out while it's still Today.

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