Monday, November 27, 2006

Just Never Questioned Before

It's a quote I hear very often while I'm out on the streets talking with people. At first many people are adamant that Evolution is "true science" and it's only still classed as a Theory instead of a Law because of the enormity of it. Often they don't expect to be asked "real science" questions or to talk about "real science" issues because I'm talking to them about "god". However, once I get through the barrage of insults and rolled eyes they soon become shocked and surprised. A few simple questions and they nearly all say "I've just never questioned it before. They teach us to question everything EXCEPT Evolution!" I've heard this so many times, I can almost hear it before they say it now.

So when I read of a Teacher becoming a Creationist I'm not surprised in the slightest. In-fact I know it's a testament to the person's intelligence because I know they have finally started to think about "how" to think instead of "what" to think.

I am confident that any sane person who gives an HONEST and COMPLETE study of Creation and Evolution will come to believe in Creation. I am also confident more people are content to believe the comfortable lie that means they don't have to change, than the uncomfortable truth that there is a Creator God who not only made the Universe, but has right to order it as He sees fit.

Recently a Teacher came to the realization that Creation is fully supported by, and explains best the evidence we have all around us. Here's a quote, but be sure to read the whole article.

“Parker had no idea that his teaching of evolution would offend the residents of Desoto County. He had never heard evolution challenged in any of his college classes,” writes David Bedell of the Sun-Herald.

The teacher was Gary Parker, a 22-year-old college graduate looking to make a career in science. Before continuing his graduate education, Gary was hired to teach biology at Desoto County High School in Arcadia, Florida. Evolutionary science was the only real science he had been taught. What other scientific viewpoint was there? How could one study science any other way?

Read the rest at the Institute for Creation Research.

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