Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Nativity Story

Well I have to say I'm impressed. The movie holds it's own with other top Hollywood productions and stays very close to the Biblical record at the same time.

There are a couple of obvious missing points, such as the host of angels sinning when Gabriel told the shepherds where to find Jesus. And, that the wise men decide not to return to Herod of their own accord instead of being told not to by the angel.

Then there are two other things that "bothered" me. Not enough to keep me from recommending the movie though. One is Gabriel is always seen as a bird when he comes or goes. The other is the explanation of the star. They show it as three stars coming together. To my knowledge (or the lack there of) there were no three stars which converged at the time.. however this could be because I've not studied it.

The movie brought me to tears at one point. And it was wonderful to see Mary portrayed as a human instead of some figure of God. She's a normal woman who obeys God and has to deal with the reality of it. It's great to see them become a married couple and see their love and respect grow.

All in all, we're recommending it to everyone and we'll buy the DVD ASAP.

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