Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mutant Chickens!

I remember my Dad asking a the question after a McDonald's commercial, "Where's the nuggets and fingers on a chicken?" This was always able to get a at least a slight giggle out of me. Yet neither of us ever thought to ask where the teeth were. Chickens simply don't have teeth, right? RIGHT? Well, at least one of them had something very like teeth.

Right away, Evolutionists say it's proof for Evolutionary Theory, Creationists point to the fossil record and say "This is nothing new, and is completely consistent with the created Kinds that the Bible declares."

So many people claim that Creationists are flaky or will simply twist info into meaning what they want it to mean. While this is true of some people, on either side of the debate, it's not true of those whom I choose to side with. Here's proof.

Chickens With Teeth and a snippet.

All are agreed that these mutant chickens developed their teeth because
they carry the genetic information for ‘tooth-making’ originally present in
their ancestors, but which later became ‘switched off’.

Evolutionists interpret these observations as consistent with their belief that reptiles evolved into birds. Creationists interpret it as consistent with their
belief that the ancestral created kind from which the chicken is descended
contained the information to generate teeth. To support this, we point to
similar types of teeth in extinct birds.

This discovery has enabled a fascinating glimpse of the greater genetic potential of the original Genesis kinds.

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