Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Urgent Prayer Request From The Mission Field

I just found this today at one of my favorite websites, The Christian Think-Tank.

Urgent Prayer Request, Aug 3/2009:

Friends and Family,

I got this just now from the precious brother in Islamabad Pakistan who has been translating/dubbing some of my written/audio materials into Urdu/Punjabi (http://Punjabi-ctt.com ) for outreach in those language groups.

These events have been in the news this week (e.g. CNN), but I had no idea it was affecting HIM!

Please pray, and if you have a clear leading to help in some way, contact him directly at this gmail account below.

This is grievous.

Thank you,


From: Amir Shahzad [mailto:recordingsandtranslations@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, August 02, 2009 11:36 PM
To: Glenn Miller
Subject: my house is in fire


I am not fine…..weeping…….crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our house is burning 7 people of our family killed by the attack Of Muslims militants… more than 3000 people gathered and attacked on our Christian houses. They broke everything and burnt 42 houses. 4 women, 2 men and 1 child are died by firing, burning and falling of roof. They destroyed each and everything in houses. They beat us and took valuable things themselves.

There is no proper food to eat, No electricity, No Gas, No water because they destroyed disconnected supplies/system. So many are shocked, injured and sick because of the electric wire thrown in the street.

Church is completely dishonored, broken and burnet. The Christians tried to defend but the Muslims had large numbers of guns, sticks, hand bombs and liquid chemical in their hands. They tore the Holly Bible; they brought out the musical instruments and carpet from the church. First they broke and than they put them in to the fire.

Our computer, cads, bed, furniture, crokary is burned in to fire and still there is smoke. We need help

We need help. Can you please pay attention and ask your family and friends to pray and help in this time of need.



paid 4 said...

I will be praying, please keep us updated...

David Wyatt said...

Praying for these dear persecuted brothers & sisters bro. Kev. Thank you for letting us know. BTW, I also appreciate bro. Glen's site.

Kevl said...

Hey Paid 4 and David,

I trust the Lord will hear our prayers.

Unfortunately Glenn is always so busy that I doubt we'll get an update for months.


bp said...

Have been praying..