Saturday, August 30, 2008

JP and The Gospel According To John MacArthur

My friend and Brother in the Lord got to it before me! He's started his series on John MacArthur's newest revision to what is probably his flagship book. I'm still trying to find time to finish my review but JP is well ahead of me it seems! Please check out Part 1 of what promises to be another deep and exciting series at (LINK REMOVED due to severe disorder). The Blog about Free Grace where everyone gets the freedom of speech.

My Brethren, be more noble minded than to fall for labels, position, systems, and reasonings. Be sure of what you believe is true because it lines up exactly with the full of Scripture. Be not persuaded by proof-texting and clever statements. Be anchored in the Living Word of God.

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Jonathan Perreault said...

Wow! Amen! Thanks for the sermon and the plug!

Your blogging bro,