Monday, January 21, 2008

I've been LOL'd!

OK to destroy any idea that anyone might have that I'm "spiritual", I laugh my head off at LOLCat humor. Dear Brother Robb offered a link that is an LOL spoof of this blog, or any other you'd like to see in LOL format.

It's worth a little giggle anyway so check it out at the LOLinator.

New article on humilitee iz in wurkz.

wit current buzz bout grace evangelical societee reductionist "crossless" gospel i haven't been able 2 complete next article bout humilitee.

if u been readin... or u realli sought 2 study n seek humilitee urself maybe u can identify wit thiz question - iz i onli 1 who iz scared half 2 death by wtf humilitee actualli iz!!??!!??!!!??!!

it grace so needed... so powerful... but so all encompassin at same tiem. i keep tryin 2 dip my toe in lake 2 see how it feelz...


Only Look said...

Actually contending against the crossless gospel and refuting and attacking false doctrine does fall in with humility, because when you find truth above your own proud thinking to break down the walls of the prejudice of your mind then you have taken a big step toward humility because you are in essence saying, "God, you are and were right all along" then you are humbling yourself first before God. Then we have to learn the same patience while still being assertive about the truth. I think Philipians 2 and 1 Corinthians 13 are great exhortations toward humiliy. That and not being afraid to clean out the outhouse when someone you feel is lesser than yourself but is now your boss telling you to get scrubbing:-)

And of course you do it will a smile on your face praising God and encouraging him in his new jobe over top of you:-)

Well, its either that or you memorize philipians 2 or just read it over and over again.

Only Look said...

as you scrub that is

Only Look said...

Also...the reason I said that about the crossless gospel is because it is a proud mind that wavers at the importance of the cross in the gospel. There is such a thing as false humility and anyone who leaves the cross out then leaves out where humility was demonstrated and born in us through Christ.

"He became obedient to death...even the death of the cross."

Also, notice that the exact opposite of humility is demonstrated in Revelation where false religion makes the claim that she sits as a queen and is no widow. That is the same pride found in Satan's unwillingness to submit to the truth and want to exalt himself to the place of God.

These are some characteristics often found in false religion. Humility is the exact opposite of pride of course and pride refuses to accept truth...especially the truth of the cross, because that is where God humbled Himself to save man and pay our debt and to the cross we must go to file the bankcruptcy of our sin and you can go visit bankcruptcy court and I'll bet there are a lot of people being humbled there, because filing bancruptcy is a humiliating experience that no one wants to be caught doing. It is one reason why many do not want to include the cross in the gospel, because most people want to bypass the humility of coming to ask God to wipe out all of his or her sin debt.

Most would rather say....I am no bankrupt person or I am not in need like a widow! I am a prince or a queen or a king even. We would rather find the place of exaltion and the cross instead is a place of humiliation wherein God was not ashamed to bear our guilt and if we are not ashamed to go there and ask for forgiveness then he will not be ashamed of us, but if we try to avoid this truth then we will be forever condemned in eternity.

There are no if ands or buts about it. You cannot be nuetral here. I am unashamed to say it and stand with all firmness because of the cross knowing that I am a new person by His work alone.

And we must forever contend with any and all people that would seek to dumb down that line or obscure it in any direct or indirect way.

Love in Christ and grace upon grace,


Kevl said...

Hey Brian,

You put a ton of good stuff down here. Forgive me but it's funny that you choose to do so under a post called "I've been LOL'd" :)

I've been struggling wondering if I should be "taking on" this whole Crossless gospel thing right now.. but I met with some men tonight and the thought of not walking in your calling really came up strongly.

The danger of not walking in it.... not really believing the Gospel is the absolute unwavering Truth. That it is the final line in the sand.

The ground is flat at the foot of the Cross.. I truly am the least though...

You talk about how people want the glory without the humility. It's true and the cry they cry is this - "Forgive me God I'm a good enough person really!"

When the only cry God will accept is - forgive a wretched sinner such as I. No loftiness left.. no defense of self... just faith that what He has done, He has done for me.


Only Look said...

Its good to laugh, especially at ourselves I think. Sometimes I take myself to seriously and that can lead to pride, but not on this cross issue. I'm glad your laughing. I was just talking about where the seed of humility is demonstrated and discovered.