Friday, January 11, 2008

Humility - the pursuit

This is an intro to a series I hope to be able to complete. I've set out on a journey and I'm convinced I shouldn't be alone on it. What is humility and what does it mean to "humble yourself before the Lord"? Further what is the result of it or really why should we do it?

Most Christians either do, or wish they could pursue greater holiness. This gets out of control in some of christendom making it a requirement for Salvation or security... or any number of theological buzz words. But without abuse, without bondage, holiness is something we need to be pursuing. And I'm learning that just maybe I've been going about it the wrong way.

Here's a quote from author Andrew Murray from his book "Humility" page 92
Brethren, have we not here the reason that our consecration and our faith have availed so little in the pursuit of holiness? It was by self and it's strength that the work was done under the name of faith. It was for self and its happiness that God was called in. It was, unconsciously, but still truly, in self and its holiness that the soul rejoiced. We never knew that humility - absolute, abiding, Christ-like humility, pervading and marking our whole life with God and man - was the most essential element of the life of the holiness we sought.
So I ask, where are you in your walk? Are you progressing in faith? What about holiness? I'm not asking about sinless perfection or am I looking for ammo to question your salvation. I mean are you progressing? The measuring stick is only seen by you and God my eyes are too full of planks to be looking for your spec anyway. :) I wonder if answering some questions about humility and pursuit of that instead would help us in our pursuit of greater faith and holiness.

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