Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why Was The Stone Rolled Back?

We read that the Resurrected Christ was able to enter rooms through closed doors. That He was able to move to where and when He wanted to, as He wanted to. So in light of this, why was the stone that closed His grave rolled back? Surely it wasn't to let Him out. No, it was to let us see in to that empty grave and see our hope of resurrection revealed to us!

In Matt 16 we read that the two Marys went on their way to anoint Jesus' body in the grave without first coming to a solution about how the stone could be rolled back. They knew the problem existed but they headed to the grave anyway.

Let's let this be a model for us. There are problems, but if we wait until the solution for the problem comes we will never actually get moving. God meets us on the road, while we are on the move. He comes to say "Be not afraid."

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