Friday, April 20, 2007

Finding Truth

We've all got just a taste of Truth no matter where we are in life. We can all look around and see this world. It's undeniably designed. Only those who are willfully ignorant can begin to deny Creation. The funny thing is, that Truth is to the lost much like any other "thing" we look for. Often though we look everywhere, sometimes even in a panicked state, it's right in front of our eyes.

Normally I'd want to talk to you about the Person of Truth, but I think tonight I want you to go out side and look up at the stars. I want you to think about balance, order, cause and effect. And if there's a question about what it all means. If you question at all IF someone might have made this whole thing. Will you live up to that little bit of Truth, or "Light" and ask for more understanding. You don't have to proclaim faith. Just say, something like "OK, so this place might have been designed. You've got my attention. Will you please show me more?"

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