Friday, April 27, 2007

A Father's Timing

All this week things have been happening "just in time". There's been no end of coincidences that turn out for the good of the ministry I'm working with, and me as well. From the internet connection going down at one coffee shop and me running into someone to help raise money at another, to the web developer we've been praying for walking in to another coffee shop and sitting down to talk to me. Also, me getting the two days off this week - both unexpectedly so that I could get the time to actually meet these people.

Why is it so hard for us to be thankful and live up to the goodness He pours into our lives? I for one am sorry that I so often look away from Him.

I know He's working on me and that in His time I'll be finished.

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jazzycat said...

Good point. The Holy Spirit is working and sanctifing all who believe in him. Jesus prayed that the Father would sanctify believers and that means it will happen and we can have confidence that his grace will spur us on............

Kevl said...

"and that means it 'will' happen"

That's a great statement of faith! Confidence in His promise.

Thanks for the encouragement!