Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Does This Scare You?

I had the chance to read a few posts over at the blog Debunking Christianity this evening. If you call yourself a Christian but you're afraid to mingle with those who vehemently appose Christianity then you've got some growth to do.

These are just people, and no matter what they say or do you ought to know you yourself have said and done just as bad or worse.

So many Christians have this idea that we're better than other people. Well guess what we are not better. And if we actually READ the Bible that we are so quick to tell everyone else to read we'd know this truth.

Blogs like Debunking Christianity are great places to meet people and engage them in real conversations. If you don't know what you're talking about then stay away until you're prepared. And if you know you're not prepared then get prepared.

Globally the world is moving into a "post Christian" era. For those of us who actually read more than a couple of verses in the Bible this is not at all a surprise. And you know what it's GOING to get worse. We are not going to save this world. We are not going to have some mass revival where everyone loves Jesus. That's not the job of the Church. We are here to preach the Good News. Those whom He has chosen will respond.

Now for those who are scared of the kind of objections you'll find from non-believers - please get over yourselves. God truly IS God Almighty, Creator, and Judge. If you really think He might be wrong about something then you need to address your own faith before you preach to anyone else.

But IS faith in the Bible and the God it reveals unreasonable? No it's not. In fact, when looked at through the eyes of science (ALL disciplines) and logic it is the most reasonable thing you'll find in this life. I say this with complete confidence. As a former skeptic myself.

Hopefully some of the people from Debunking Christianity will visit here. They may very well have nasty things to post in the comments. It's ok. Really it is. And none of my normal readers should be offended by their posts. Here's why -

If a blind man was in your living room and bumped into your coffee table, knocked over a drink and it stained your rug would you be upset with him? THAT would be unreasonable. Those who do not have faith are blind. They must battle their pride and fears in their own strength. We often forget what that was like, and we ought to spend more time with these people so we can remember it.

Check the links on the left here to get prepared to speak to people. Remember, most have been taught what to think not how to think. And what they've been taught to think is wrong. In fact it's normally so wrong that a child can see it once shown.

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