Saturday, September 30, 2006

What's In It For ME?

So few Christians get out and witness to strangers that when I tell people I do, they are always shocked. I think it's important to witness to our friends, but I know it's important to witness to strangers. God said to preach the Gospel to every creature (every created being), not just those we are familiar with. So I head out to the streets and talk to a few people every week. This doesn't make me a good person, nor do I have to be a good person to do it.

There are many reasons why Christians don't often share their faith with strangers. I could get into them, but I'd end up just spreading guilt. Instead I'd like to touch on why we should be. The old "What's in it for ME?" answer that is so important in business, and really all human enterprise for sad reasons.

Firstly lets get rid of the idea that God needs you in order to free the captives. He doesn't. Secondly, the idea that those who are in the fields need help. We don't. I am not motivated by fear, or some lacking in any way shape or form. God is sufficient.

People travel the world over to see "signs and wonders." Be them men speaking in "tongues", healers, strange occurrences, whatever they might be... people flock to the places where they think God might show Himself in some miraculous way.

Christians seeking to know the Lord will rightly spend their lives studying scripture.

Christians will rightly spend hour after hour praying to God for Him to reveal Himself, to give them faith, to save the lost... and so on.

What if I told you that God really does do miracles that born again Christian can watch God do anywhere there are sinners (might be hard to find some though right?) at any time under any circumstances? What if I assured you that you'd be sure it actually was God doing what you see, that there'd be no question about it?

My fellow believers, God says His Law stops the mouths of the proud. And it does. Learn how to approach someone in sanity, relate to them with respect, humility and love, and ask them the hardest questions any human will ever ask them. If you take a very short amount of time to study how to witness (evangelize) Biblically and then actually do it, you will be amazed at the true faithfulness of God. You can learn to speak to a complete stranger and in the span of a few moments watch God take them from their pride to brokenness and then to freedom for eternity.

No matter what kind of life or sin God has lifted you up out of it doesn't matter. No matter how poorly you speak, it doesn't matter. No matter if you've only been a Christian for an hour, it doesn't matter. God does the work, you just get to be there to watch it. It's not your roll to convince anyone of anything. That's the Spirit's job. If you simply go to someone the way the Bible teaches, then God will be faithful to what He said He does when we obey His instruction. If you try to do it in your own strength and understanding then you'll get the results that a man can produce. If you do it the way God says to then you'll get the results that God can produce.

Please watch Hell's Best Kept Secret. Then please consider getting some training on the topic. I suggest, and if you are serious (and you ought be) then the full training package is at This is the course I am nearly finished now.

God doesn't need you, but He'd love to help you grow. Trust is gained by trusting. Everyone who walks out on frozen ice feels uncomfortable at first. Then as they learn the ice will support them they gain trust. Eventually, they invite others out on the ice with them.

That's what I'm doing. God really is faithful. He is trustworthy. I'm inviting you to come out on the thin ice with me and play a game of Hockey. All goals save lives, and the Guy shooting the puck is God.

What's in it for you? You will gain a new trust in God. You will see Him working through and in front of you. You'll store up your treasure in Heaven where it can't be lost. You'll grow an incredible love for people. AND, you will grow a stronger love for God.

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