Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Christian Ubuntu & Hydrogen

A few posts down you'll see some links to free creative arts software. Great audio multi-track recording and editing stuff, graphics and photo software. However, I left out my favorite drum program.

Hydrogen - this software sounds great and is easy to use. Why purchase a drum program when something this good is free?

What's more, I just noticed that Ubuntu now has a "Christian Edition" of it's Linux OS. Ubuntu is a new user friendly Linux distribution. I've used it and like it. I also like Xandros a lot. I'm not sure if the guys producing Ubuntu saw an opportunity to corner a segment of the market or not but who cares if they did? A free, solid, secure, fast and stable OS that's labeled Christian too? Gotta get me that jobby right now! :)

I picked up an external HDD today. This will be used for recording, as my laptop's 5400rpm model just won't do it. I think I'll be making two partitions on it though. One for audio the other for Ubuntu CE.

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