Wednesday, December 05, 2012

On My Walk: 1:07AM Wed Dec 5th 2012

It's 1:07AM on Wednesday December 5th, 2012 and I've just finished reading Dr. James R. White's The Potter's Freedom.

I finished the 13th chapter earlier today and started on the 14th thinking it would be a short wrap up... I had expected it to be predictable. I wasn't ready for what I read. Shortly into the chapter I wanted to vomit. His characterization of the morality of God is shocking.

I knew I had to force myself to the end of the book tonight because I intend on never reading another Calvinism book in my life. So I finished the 14th chapter and the two appendices tonight. I'll finish the series on the book as quickly as I can. I am still sick to my stomach thinking about what I've read tonight, but we'll get to that when I cover the 14th chapter.

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