Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Roman Catholic Atheist? (Evangelism Update 9 Nov 11)

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Anonymous said...

Roman catholic atheist... I have come across this before. It's not that they really believe the tenets of catholicism. It's just that they agree with the false Roman catholic "history", lies like "catholics gave us the Bible", "all Christians were catholic until Luther", etc.

Of course, the Bible was done 200 years before catholicism existed, and the first Christians were in Acts and other parts of the Bible, and they sure weren't catholic. So the false "history" that catholicism pushes, is lies.

But atheists will always side with catholicism over Bible believers. Always. Especially if they had a catholic upbringing but are now atheist.

The reason atheists always side with catholicism over Bible believers, is evident. They don't like the Bible. And catholicism avoids believing the Bible, so catholicism wins in their minds.

If you've ever tried sharing on Yahoo Answers Religion and Spirituality section, you will see that atheists, who frequent the place, will side with catholicism always if there is a disagreement between catholics and Bible believers, just as one cyber example. You see the same kind of thing offline too.