Thursday, November 03, 2011

Accurate TULIP Presentation?

I am looking for what contemporary 5 Point Calvinists would agree is an accurate and complete online presentation of TULIP. I would like this to include descriptions and scripture references for each of the points. If you would stand by a presentation of these points, that I can get to freely, please drop a link in the comments.



Nolan said...

The Canons of Dordt
Hope this helps.


Kevl said...

Hi Nolan,


I haven't read the Canons of Dordt in about a year. Isn't the contemporary view of Perseverance of the Saints somewhat different than what the Canons discuss?


Nolan said...

I'm sure some Reformed types would differ in this section, maybe. I also think many non-reformed would "agree" with this section.


Mark said...

Kev, Have you read Deconstructing Calvinism by Hutson Smelley? It's a good refutation of Calvinism from an ex-calvinist. It used to available online in pdf format, I'm glad I saved a copy, as you have to buy it now otherwise. I found the second chapter on the eternal decrees of God to be very important as these ideas underpin the 5 points of Calvinism.

Regards, Mark

Kevl said...

I have the PDF of it, but I haven't read it. I kept meaning too... but I have such a back log of books I need to read...

I keep intending on reading it.

You're right about the Eternal Decrees of God. They really are the assumptions that the Canons of Dort are based on.


Pearl said...

Hi Kev ~

A handful of reformed bloggers I know personally insist they aren't Calvinists, but "biblicists". They use the same terminology such as "sovereign", and rub shoulders with all the Calvinist blogs via links and fellowship, but seem to hold Calvin the man at a distance. I don't know why this is, but I sure can't tell the difference between their so-called biblical interpretation and Calvin's.

It's probably very obvious that I'm quite green, and I appreciate your patience with my ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Two short books written by Calvinists that basically just explain it and cite a bunch of proof texts are (1) a very short work by Duane Spencer and (2) a slightly longer work by three authors Steele, Thomas and Quinn. Books from non-Calvinists that explain the same and refute it are (1) the excellent but fairly lengthy The Other Side of Calvinism by Lawrence Vance and (2) the shorter Deconstructing Calvinism Revised Edition (the ebook is $3 on Amazon).