Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Christian in Canada Presents: E101 Episode 1: Introduction

Here is the first episode of my new video series on Evangelism. I'm still working on the quality of the video, and there is a compatibility issue with the mic I'm using. So there is a bit of hiss, and my skin tones are way over the top. None the less I must move forward! So here ya go!

John 16:5-11

Make sure you watch it in HD



Jan said...

Great intro Kev!!

Just one thing on the technical end. Your voice is a bit low in volume like your mike isn't picking you up all that well. But it seems to pick up everything else fine. Is there anything you can do about that?


Kevl said...

I'm working on it, I could have spoken louder. :)

There is also a hiss in the sound that I cannot get rid of.. it seems like a gain problem, but adjusting that hasn't fixed it yet...

I'm waiting for the camera store to tell me if it's an issue with the camera... it shouldn't be.