Monday, March 28, 2011

Dr. Clay Nuttal on Platform Sharing & Identification

Lou has an authorized reprint of an important article up at his blog this morning; Dr. Clay Nuttal, Platform Sharing & Identification.

Here's a snippet:
I confess that I do not know why people protect error. Is it that they do not know better? Is it that they do not believe, or are there other possible motives? In academia, the young theologian is taught to have respect for other people’s views. It would be better to say that we should have respect for the right of other people to hold different views. To say that all views are equal is an affront to God. One of my administrators plainly told me that I was not allowed to say that someone else’s theological view was wrong; obviously, that person was not a biblical theologian. Can you imagine the cowardly attitude and disobedient heart that would fail to say that the denial of the virgin birth is error?

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Thanks for sharing Dr. Nuttall's important contribution to the current controversy.