Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Strange Thing Happened On the Way From...

So I was out around town today with my wife, having a lovely Saturday. I had a strange sensation in my heart, not the thing pumping blood but the core of my being. I felt relief of guilt, or conviction... relief???

I have been very upset over my need to separate from my dear Brother, and The Cross Current, but today I realized that I should have done it much sooner. Of course I knew this already, but now I know that I've been carrying the burden of compromise for too long. My wife reminded me that way back in February I had noticed my Brother's doctrine changing... and had noticed a shift in how things were explained to those the ministry was supposed to be helping. I had told my wife back then that I would give it a while and see how things progressed. I was so invested in the ministry, and my friends, that I let what I knew to be untrue grow up in the very fellowship I was in.

So today I have freedom from that and a clear conscience. I had not realized what a heavy burden it was... after carrying it for so long feeling so weighed down simply felt normal.

I hope others can learn from my experience. Truth is to valuable to surrender.


Anonymous said...

Honestly Kev I know what a tough decision this must have been for you. Respect for doing what you believe is right, perhaps in this there is a lesson for myself as well? As someone who has been pondering the level of commitment to his walk ~ this is timely. The other Kev

Kevl said...

Thanks for the comment Kev. We just spent the day with friends over and it was wonderful. I haven't felt this at ease for a long time.

However, there has also been a number of things coming up that I need to dedicate myself to doing. :)

Gotta love how the Lord has prepared the stuff for us to do!

I'll be praying that you hear what He has for you.