Friday, January 15, 2010

Switching to Mac

OK I've been a long time Linux proponent and that's not about to change. However, for consistency in the TCC production stream I've been making the switch to Mac. This has been an interesting (and expensive) process so far.

I'll be back to regular posting shortly. I am sorry about the down-time. It seems that everything is eating away at my time lately.

Thanks for checking in!


Stephen said...

I like Macs, I just don't like the price relative to what I can with a PC. But, yeah, Macs are definitely nice.

What Linux distro do you use? I use OpenSUSE mostly, but have used many other distros over the years. Most recently I installed Kubuntu on my laptop and, I'll tell ya, I was really impressed with Kubuntu.

Kevl said...

Hey Stephen,

The entrance fee for the Mac hardware is pretty high however as I'm typing on my MacBook Pro writing this post I'm still impressed with how solid it feels under my hands. How consistent and "right" feeling the keys are as I type....

There's no doubt that Macs are more expensive... but they are pretty nice machines.

I use Kubuntu primarily - though it is the oft neglected sister of Ubuntu I still prefer it because of KDE and the Kubuntu community.

I'm a firm believer that ministries should be working on Linux as much as possible. Sure MS gives charity pricing, but you are ever trapped into having to support your MS habbit.

I've had a hard time getting the other people in the ministry to give up their Windows for Linux. We're using Mac now because of the distance between our primary partners makes it nearly impossible to coordinate production on a bunch of different setups. So Mac is the solution. Since Mac is so tightly controlled.

I've tried a bunch of other distros, but the community of Kubuntu is my favorite... even though Kubuntu is ALWAYS far behind Ubuntu.

I was running OpenSUSE for a bit when KDE 4 was still in Beta.... cuz they had the only working LiveCD with it. :)

What do you do with Linux? Is it your primary OS? Do you still run Windows?


Stephen said...

I use it mostly for infrastructure services -- dhcp, dns, ftp, http, wins, samba, and virtual private networking. I also make heavy use of rsync for offsite backup.

At work I have to run Windows as my primary OS, but I have a Linux Virtual machine running and I actually spend more time focused on the VM than in the outlying Windows.

Rachel's laptop is Windows for now but she's quite comfortable using Linux as well.

My laptop currently dual boots Vista/Kubuntu. I spend most of my time in Kubuntu but still need Vista from time-to-time until I iron out a few issues.

Aside from that I manage Linux servers for several small businesses and our church as well.

So, I'm not Windows free but I spend most of my time in Linux -- and most of that time is spent at a BASH prompt. :-)

Stephen said...

Oh, and I'm a huge fan of Google's Android Linux OS and have been using a Tmobile G1 since the first day it was released over a year ago. I was already fairly Google centric (gmail, contacts, calendar, docs) so an Android phone that syncs with these natively is just the ticket.

Kevl said...
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Stephen said...

Hey Kev, I'll gladly give it my best shot, especially love using what I know to help a ministry. I sent you an email too.

Kevl said...

Thanks! I deleted my comment with my address in it.


Lou Martuneac said...

Hey Guys:

I am a Mac user, always have been going back to their first. Pay a little more, but they always work, no blue screen of death and other hiccups inherent in the pc environment.

Linux, Kubunto... lost me. Computers are still pretty much a glorified typewriter for me, My 9yo is my tech support.


Kevl said...

Hey Lou,

What program are you using to prepare your manuscript?

Are you using Pages, and saving in .doc? Or are you using MS Word? Something else?