Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've been neck deep in study for an upcoming series of TCC Radio that will hopefully help the Church witness to Muslims. This has been so consuming that I haven't had very much time for blogging at all. Here's a thought though.

Abram was assured by God's promise and God accounted this as righteousness.

Abram was assured and that was accounted as righteousness.

Abram did not look for righteousness in himself in order to be assured.

The Lordship Salvation camp will tell you that you can't be assured of your Salvation unless you are showing some unidentified level of obedience to Christ, or righteousness. Abram was assured based on God's promise and God called him righteous because of it.

We silly Christians want so badly to be validated in our own flesh that we make up all kinds of doctrines that allow us to celebrate ourselves. Shame.

God demands, and deserves perfection, yet the Word of God and our experience tell us clearly that we won't be perfect until we are resurrected. Anything less than perfection is sin my friends. We can not get assurance of anything by looking at our selves other than our need for God. Even truly saved, regenerated people who are indwelt by the Spirit of God look like nothing but filthy rags in our behaviour compared to the perfect obedience of Christ Jesus.

Let us look to Him and not ourselves for assurance of the salvation that He has promised for all those who call on His Name.

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