Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Working on an article about TULIP

With all the recent Calvinist interest here I've decided to do an article on the Doctrines of Grace as presented in modern Calvinism. I'll be using two articles as my source of definitions and support for each of the doctrines. I've chosen Lee Shelton's work at The Contemporary Calvinist and GraceNET's work as well.

While I believe I have a fairly good understanding of these doctrines it never fails that I hear or read a Calvinist claim I do not understand at all. So I will be referencing these two articles. Each is from a slightly different point of view. I picked The Contemporary Calvinist because that blog has been the source of most of the recent Calvinist visits, and I chose GraceNET because it came up in Google, seemed reasonable, is concise and has a multitude of verses referenced for each point. If there is some SHORT masterpiece that I should also reference please let me know.

I will not be doing the ultimate end-all-be-all anti-TULIP article. I intend it to be as short as possible. It currently is several pages long and has only addressed Total Depravity... so my goal of it being short may be a very relative thing....

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Kevl said...

I have completed the research and have complied my thoughts. There is some editing to be done and then I will post it.

Unfortunately it is very long at this point. I do not see how I could shorten it. I also intend on posting it all in one article which may make reading it a challenge. However, the idea of breaking it up into separate works is unthinkable for the effort it would take to ensure the reader is protected from false information between the articles. For example, conversations based on only some of the information being presented because they occur under only one part of the whole.