Sunday, April 12, 2009

From Doubt to Transformation

Just a quick thought as the world celebrates Resurrection Sunday.

The Disciples were saved by receiving the Word that Jesus Christ spoke to them about His death and resurrection. John 15:3 Even still, after He was crucified the Disciples didn't believe the accounts of His being raised to life until they saw for themselves. These saved men were weak in their faith, but once they were given assurance by God's demonstration they were unstoppable.

This speaks volumes to me about how we should disciple the young in the faith, and what we should expect of them. We shouldn't expect anything of them. We should be encouraging them to walk in faith at every moment, not just small things but big things. So that their faith will be established in experience and they too will be unstoppable.

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Missy said...

Kev, this is an excellent post - something to remember about the power of the resurrection to make us bold. It truly is an amazing thing to encourage each other with.