Monday, December 29, 2008

Venting Part 2 - Israel and Gaza

I've just got one thing to say.

Before you criticize Israel imagine rockets were landing on your home town.

And just one question to ask.

What would you want your government to do?

If people were truly wanting to "help" the Palestinians they would help them get rid of the terrorist organizations that run freely within their population. 75 rockets hit Israel according to CNN TODAY. There have been 3,000 attacks on Israel in 2008. These are not "freedom fighters" they are terrorists.

The UN is calling on both "sides" to to cease their violence. This is ridiculous. Hamas is not a nation. They are a terrorist organization attacking a nation. This nation has EVERY right to defend it's self.


Jan said...

Yes. They do. They have been more than patient for many years.

I am aghast at the sudden cry from the Arab nations for the U.N. to "help the Palestinians." This from the same nations that leave them in the camps instead of assimilating them so they can continue their political assault on Israel?



Kevl said...

I forgot to reply here Jan, Sorry!!

Things surely are heating up over there right now. But I guess that was to be expected.

I'll be "praying for the peace of Jerusalem." And we know the Word is clear there will be no peace there until Our Lord's return. Maranatha!