Friday, October 19, 2007

A Unique Time In Church History

The Gospel has been under attack since the very first day when the soldiers who had been tasked with guarding the tomb where Christ's lifeless body had been laid were bribed to say that He had been stolen by his followers. Mat 28:11-15

In the dark ages the Scriptures were kept out of the hands of the general population and controlled by a religious elite. But the Great Reformation's Martin Luther gave the Scriptures back to the average person.

Over the centuries the Scriptures have been attacked and undermined.. good doctrine has been pushed aside for poor.. Thankfully though there has always been a remnant of Truth, and true believers.

What is unique about today is that the whole Church (the complete Body of Christ, all believers in Christ) can be instantly aware of these attacks and the fights against them now. We are in a privileged and dutiful position. In the dark ages the average believer had no idea what was happening in Luther's study as he sat there translating the Bible. But today, we know that people like the Free Grace Aliance are fighting for the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ. Working against things like the Crossless Gospel and the Lordship Salvation Gospel. We can also see other attacks on faith and Christendom in real time.

It's our privileged and duty to respond in real time, prayerfully and with fervor. The Gospel is the definition of our unity in Christ. No matter if some are adding to it, or taking away from it we must stand firmly in it's complete whole and utter Truth. Otherwise, as the false teachings spread they will trickle down into the preaching at pulpits where the rank and file Christian may not be prepared to defend themselves and their families from error - though they should be.

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