Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quoted at Important Blog

Logged on to the net today to visit Sharper Iron and I was greeted with a private message that Lou Martuneac had quoted me at his blog, which is related to his book (currently being revised for publication later this year) In Defence Of The Gospel.

I came across Brother Martuneac in my search for information about the Lordship Salvation "issue" that has swept into Christendom recently. And at the same time I came to know several people in the Free Grace community. I quickly realized that while Lordship Salvation is an over reaction to what is sometimes called "easy believism" some in the Free Grace camp have gotten so zealous in their reaction to Lordship Salvation that they are equally in error. Either by addition or subtraction error in the Gospel still denies fellowship because without "The Gospel" the True Gospel of Jesus Christ then there can be no fellowship or "sharing of our new nature in Christ" with each other. While the fight against Lordship Salvation is what introduced me to Lou, it has to be the wanting to find the "Truth" that has kept me returning to his blog and finding fellowship there. Neither turn to the right nor the left we are told and that is seldom easy in this world. But on the Gospel we have no choice because by going even just a bit to the right or the left makes it no Gospel at all.

As I wrote in this post, we are in a unique time in Church history. Brother Martuneac built on my thoughts by looking at the responsibility of the Shepherd to be watchful for error creeping into Christendom.

I particularly like the words inscribed in the pulpit at his church. "Sir, we would see Jesus." Quite a lot said in that instruction from the assembly wouldn't you say?

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