Friday, August 24, 2007

What if you had cancer?

People who have cancer go through a period of denial - this is pride thinking they can beat it on their own, or even that it's not real, or THEY won't die of it.

Eventually they tell someone about it - this is repentance of their pride.

Then they trust in Someone who has the cure - this is repentance unto life.

Then though their bodies have been ravaged from the cancer they are separated from the death that would have come to them - this is Salvation.

So then what?

Other people are still going to die from Cancer right? Does everyone that has cancer actually know they have cancer?

Should they -

Walk around healthy so everyone can see there's "something different" about them and ask them about it? In the hopes that by being an example of the Cure others will want the cure too?

Possible problems with this is, only a very few people in the world knew they were ever sick in the first place.. and those people are probably in denial about their diseases too.

OR should they -

Go looking for sick people anywhere they might be and show them their sickness so that they too can be sparred the death that will come to them if they ignore the disease they may not even know they have?

Possible problems with this includes the really strange truth that sick people who don't know they are sick often don't like it when someone suggests they might be dying. However, once they find out it's true they are overjoyed that you took the chance to tell them. Because had you not told them - they would have died.

Think about it this way, what if YOU were the one who had cancer and didn't know?

Got a minute to think about it?

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