Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good discussion on the "Crossless Gospel"

Lou is hosting a discussion on the Crossless Gospel and proper Biblical understanding of how people have been saved throughout the dispensations.

I don't want to comment too much here because there is valuable conversation going on at Lou's Blog and I'd rather you see it all in context.

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GlennW said...

Hi Kevl,

I see you are still interacting on Lou's blog. Since things have gotten intense out there I have decided to lay off for the time being since I will probably take the comments off topic. I hope you weren't expecting a response from me. At any rate, it was good interacting with you.

Glenn W.

Kevl said...

Ya, it'll get intense and wane a bit I'm sure.

I think it's a valuable topic and I'm learning so I'll continue as long as it's profitable for me and the others.

I do have to "police" myself though because I get excited and start "arguing" which isn't always that helpful...


I've been posting more at Lou's blog than my own... gotta fix that.