Sunday, September 07, 2014

10 Sincere Questions From Those Who Do Not Believe in Christ the Lord

I'm seeking 10 questions to answer. Here is what I wrote in a Facebook group I frequent.

I am looking for 10 sincere questions that matter significantly from those who do not believe in Christ the Lord, Creator of everything which has been created.
I am not looking for debate. By entering your question you are already stating that you don't have faith in Christ, you don't have to convince me further.
I am also not looking for questions that don't significantly matter to you as you consider whether Christ is Lord or not.
As I am able I will pick 10 questions which I believe are sincere and matter to the subject for the one asking it and answer them individually.
I have been in the work of street evangelism since the spring of 2006 after it dawned on me that sinners were not actually attracted to Christ by clever church signs and warm handshakes at the door. These things have their place, but the command of the Great Commission is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. In this work I have had thousands of personal conversations with people of all walks of life, from politicians and rich men, to beggars; from philosophers and science instructors to lay persons; from muslims and roman catholics to new agers. Over these years I have heard many many sincere questions, and many many more cleverly devised or adopted objections.
I don't know if I've "heard it all" but I've heard a lot of it.
As I pick these 10 questions from the submissions - should any be presented - I will be making a blog series and I will post the individual answers here as well.
So if you have a sincere question please ask it. If you want to debate there are probably discussions here which are more suited to that.
Looking forward to reading these! BTW don't be shy if you think your question is too easy or too hard. Just be sincere.

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