Saturday, June 15, 2013

Doctrines of Evangelism update

As it turns out the document was not yet "content complete" when I last updated you on it. We forgot to include some small things, but also something very important! We forgot to include a statement on the Inspiration of Scripture.

We are currently at version 0.95 and I expect to sign the document at version 1.0. Because some of the leadership of City Evangelism Ministries are travelling this will not happen for about two weeks. This document now has my full confidence, as I believe it accurately, clearly, and completely describes the essential doctrines related to Evangelism.

Here is the index of the 17 page document as it is today.

1.   The Purpose of this Document 
2.   The General Principle of Our Work 
3.   Restrictions on the Content of Our Message and Preaching 
4.   The Godhead 
5.   The Person of Christ
    The Identity of Christ
    The Impeccability of Christ
    The Work of Christ 
6.   The Gospel
    The Gospel Identified
    The Gospel Detailed
    The Gospel Prophesied 
7.   The State and Position of Natural Man 
8.   Salvation
     A.    An Overview
     B.    Repentance
     C.   The Believer’s Faith
     D.   Faith and Repentance Manifested
     E.   The New Birth 
9.   Creation in Six 24-Hour Days 
10. Judgment and Eternal Wrath for the Unbeliever after Death 
11. Immediate and Permanent Reconciliation at Belief 
12. Lawful Usage of Mosaic Law
   Using the 10 Commandments
   The Believer’s Rule of Life 
13.  Through the Foolishness of Preaching 
14.  Inspiration, Authority, Dependability, and Inerrancy of Holy Scripture 
15.  Exhortation to Believers to Preach the Gospel 
16. Approval and Changes to this Document 

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