Monday, May 27, 2013

The Doctrines of Evangelism - Content Complete!

Between my business and work with the new City Evangelism Ministries(CEM) I have been authoring a massive document entitled "The Doctrines of Evangelism." That's why it has been SOOOOOOO slow around here.

Just now I reached a massive milestone! The document is now "Content Complete", which is to say that all the doctrines required for biblically consistent evangelism are explained and demonstrated from the Scriptures. Now the work on making it somewhat readable begins.

This document will explain primary doctrinal foundation of CEM and will be used to keep the the ministry on track for a long as the Lord may tarry. Here's the table of contents of this document which is currently 13 pages long. Once it is completed I am reasonably sure I will be able to share it here in it's entirety.

*Sorry for the wonky formatting. I don't know how to fix it.

The Doctrines of Evangelism
1.    The Purpose of this Document
2.    The General Principle of Our Work
3.    Restrictions on the Content of our Message and Preaching
4.    The Godhead
5.    The Person of Christ
A.    The Identity of Christ
B.    The Impeccability of Christ
C.    The Work of Christ
6.    The Gospel
7.    The State and Position of Natural Man
A.  An overview
B.  Repentance
C. The Believer’s Faith
D. Faith and Repentance Manifested
E. The New Birth
9.    Creation in Six 24-Hour Days
10. Immediate Judgment and Eternal Wrath
11. Immediate and Permanent Reconciliation at Belief
12. Lawful Usage of Mosaic Law
13.  Through the Foolishness of Preaching
14.  Exhortation to Believers to Preach the Gospel
15 Approval and Changes to this Document 

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Kevl said...

Turns out I missed an important doctrine! Inerrancy of the Scriptures!! Thankfully another Brother has penned this portion of the document.