Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On My Walk #100

By my count this is the 100th post at OMW with the label/tag "On My Walk" attached to it. I hadn't been counting until today, but it's interesting in some strange way.

As I've been writing the series entitled "The Debater's Potter" I've been wondering about how hardcore Calvinists might receive it if they came across it mid series. Would they write it off as being something from a nut case? A half-wit theologian? It seems I should put a "Statement of Faith" here on the blog, and so I'm going to.

Now, statements of faith shouldn't convince readers that the source is orthodox or to be regarded as faithful and reasonable. Why not? Because very few people/organizations actually follow their statements of faith. I'm currently looking for a place to fellowship and I can tell you from vast experience this is sadly true. Statements of Faith offer readers the ability to quickly and easily disqualify sources of information. If someone puts something false in their statement of faith they may not actually be following it now, that' true. However, at the very least, it shows they have a disregard for the truth. 

So my own Statement of Faith will be a resource for readers with two purposes. One to disqualify me easily, for those who choose to believe something other than I do. The other purpose is to be a resource for understanding where I'm coming from when I write something that may be seen as inflammatory by some. I don't know if people will use the statement as I intend it to be used, but I think it's time to have one nonetheless.

That's what's in the path on my walk this week.

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