Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts From Prov 19:11

Prov 19:11
The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, And his glory is to overlook a transgression.
This passage hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday, and yet instantly removed a great burden from my shoulders!

As I've been reading "The Potter's Freedom" I've gone from being offended to being insulted to being impatient to being down right angry! Not with the author's position at all. My response has not at all been like he portrays his detractors. I'm not offended at God's Sovereignty or His Authority or His Power or anything like that.

If you've been reading the series "The Debater's Potter" then you know I've been offended because everything the author accuses his chosen opponent of he does himself. That after all the pages of praise from his peers (and fans?), very lengthy introductions, and 4 chapters the author has yet to have produced an argument for his position, a convincing argument against his opponent, or even given me any serious pause to think. Momentarily the author made an interesting argument which caught me ever so briefly. I'll be covering this in the next article because I have a serious question for everyone reading to answer. Your answer will, I intend, show you how you yourself perceive and determine truth. The introduction for the work is haughty, insulting to those who hold the view I do, and promises much. At this point I've been feeling like reading the book has been a complete waste of time, and writing a series on it a complete waste of effort.

On Tuesday I was particularly frustrated with the author and was beside myself when my dear friend showed up for our weekly prayer and fellowship meeting. I knew I shouldn't have read in the book before the meeting... when my friend showed up I was upset and embarrassed for being upset, AND for having been foolish enough to get myself in that state before he came over. Thankfully, he was graceful.

Anyway, later in the evening I had opportunity to be reading in Proverbs briefly. Prov 19:11 stuck out, and God spoke to me through that verse with clarity. I don't need to answer everything in The Potter's Freedom, and I don't need to show every bit of poor behaviour he demonstrates in the book. I really don't need to do that... what's more it is probably better if I overlook most of it.

So in light of this revelation, I'm going to be changing course on the series. My next article will cover chapters 2 - 4, and will focus on the 3 or 4 discussions worthy of comment. 

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