Friday, December 30, 2011

Soteriological Thesis Work

A new friend of mine, Nolan, posted something here that struck a nerv with me recently. He noted that a lot of my blog is polemic against various ideas that float around in Christendom. He noted that this was perfectly valid, and in my mind I noted that the topic of the discussion we were having was based on a most polemic document; the Second Synod of Dort.

Chasing bad, or thought to be bad, theology around isn't always helpful. In fact I think it is often anything but helpful. That was a large point I made in my book Fail-Safe for Fallacy.  The first time I looked at, and argued against, the "Doctrines of Grace" popularly called by the acrostic TULIP I made it clear that it is easy to argue against something but much harder to develop something that is true.

Over the last couple of years I've been feeling I should develop a Soteriological Thesis. The late Dr. Robb Lawson and I worked on a project together that we were calling The Grace Reformation. I believe it was a noble idea, but the perspective was too broad and so it was beyond my abilities and beyond Robb's ability to keep me motivated. :)

Over Christmas I have decided to limit the thesis to the methodology by which a person who is unsaved becomes eternally saved. I have a well-known dislike for systems that give answers to people who haven't (and so won't) read their bibles but I think the time has come to truly test what I believe.

This year I will be writing a book that introduces the thesis which is reasonably well developed in my mind, but has not been committed to writing as of yet.


frank J Kostreba said...

Peace and Grace of the Lord JESUS CHRIST be onto you. Hi I'm Frank J. KOstreba a very good friend of Dr. Robb Lawson. Can we make contact if that is ok with you? Skype avialable.

John said...

I will be waiting for your
paper! Remember to use laymen's
terms for those of us who are
not Theologically minded. A paper
such as you plan will be welcome!
God bless, John Gregory

John said...

All of us are waiting for your
paper! Hurry up! We are praying
for you concerning this! We need
this. Please be sure to use laymens language!
God bless!
John Gregory

Kevl said...

Thanks John! That's VERY kind of you.


Kevl said...

Hi Frank & John, I'm sorry it took so long to publish your comments. I just found them in the moderation portion of my blog's interface. Sorry!!

Thanks for your thoughts!