Thursday, October 06, 2011

Think Different Video

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Jan said...


I haven't watched the video yet, but I just want to take a moment to THANK YOU for being a presence on the net for the Free Grace gospel. I especially want to thank you for your video series on how to share the gospel. For lots of reasons that I will probably email you on I am really feeling the desperate need for a greater internet presence then we have now, not just about opposing the LS gospel, though that is clearly necessary, but also positively sharing the FG gospel with the lost, and teaching others how to evangelize correctly.

Because it it painfully clear that the LS people fully intent to dominate the issue. I believe, though I can't prove it, that there is a militant intent to oppose the FG gospel. There's just so much that seems to be happening right now but that's all I'm going to say here for now. My mind is a little overloaded with all that seems to be happening and needs to be processed.

But one thing is definitely clear. You soldiers really need to be openly thanked for what you are doing.


Kevl said...

Thank you Jan.

You said "to positively sharing the FG gospel with the lost, and teaching others how to evangelize correctly. "

I couldn't agree more.

Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words. I just got in this moment from street evangelism. Less than 30 minuits ago I finished a long, deep discussion with two young homosexual men.

I was able to share with them, and a number of other on lookers and passer-bys the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have been trapped in their life, and all anyone has ever told them is that they must forsake their homosexual desires (somehow) in order to be saved.

I was able to explain how Christ had done all it takes to save them, and that they need to judge themselves guilty, and leave the rest up to the God of the Universe.

So often these young men think they have to live miserable lives in order to be saved... they can't entertain the idea that God might actually LOVE them and want them to have wonderful lives full of purpose and joy... why? Because most of the North American professing church is telling them that they must do the impossible... and just maybe if they maintain the impossible until they finally die then they'll qualify for "Final Salvation."

You're right Jan. It's time that we Believers start marching forward with the Gospel of the Christ more than we're turning sideways to argue with false teachers among the ranks.

We had an amazing night out tonight. God is truly faithful, and His Gospel truly is the Power of God unto Salvation for all those who believe!

Looking forward to your email.


Jan said...

Oh that is awesome! I'm so glad they met a Christian that doesn't teach them that God HATES gays! You treated them like people whom God loves enough to die for and I am sure that made an impression they will not soon forget. WHY the rest of the church does not do this I do NOT understand.

Yes, God will want to deal with their homosexuality and has a plan to do so. But first things first. And I think it would have to be absolutely impossible for them to find His freedom without being firmly established in His GRACE.

I will have to pray for these young men that they will really come to see God demonstrated His own love for them in that while they were still sinners Christ died for them.

Will email you later this afternoon.