Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preaching Ministry for the Weak

This is the message I preached this Sunday morning entitled Ministry for the Weak. It is about the restoration of Peter after he had denied the Lord. After establishing that salvation is absolutely free, I go on to explain how discipleship bridged the gap between where Peter was weak and unfruitful to his later great ministry - and how we can have that for ourselves as well.

Here are the passages I reference, in order.

John 21:15
John 21:16
John 21:17 
John 21:15 
I pronounce Agapao as "Agapeo" sorry... it should be pronounced Ah Gap Ah Oh. I knew this but was nervous. 
John 3:16 
John 21:16
John 21:17 
Eph 2:8-9
Eph 2:10 
John 21:18-19
John 21:20-21
John 21:22 
Rom 4:3-8
Psalm 32:1-11
Mat 11:28-30 
2Pet 1:5-11 


Kevl said...

So here's a question for any Lordship Salvation proponents who take a listen to the sermon. What have I said that is not true?

If there is nothing here untrue then why do Lordship Salvation proponents hang discipleship, willingness, submission and the like over the heads of people claiming they are tests of a person's salvation?

Jan said...

Well, I'm no LSer so I can't help ya there.

But I did want to say that was an encouraging talk, Kev. Thanks!

Actually, I was kind of wondering what LSers might think of your talk too.


Kevl said...

Hi Jan,

I was beginning to feel lonely with no comments!! :)

I've been told that some LSers downplay the significance of the usage of agapao and phileo here. However, the Text itself raises the significance by telling us that it was the Lord's usage of the word phileo the third time that made him cry.

Beyond that I don't really know what an LSer might say to this sermon - perhaps that is why it is so quiet??