Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Free Grace Blog

Brother Liam Moran has a new (as of December 2010) Free Grace blog titled Into This Grace.  Liam has a Masters of Divinity, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary and a BA in Pastoral Studies from Moody Bible Institute.

Please check Into This Grace out, Liam's passion for protecting and proclaiming the message of God's grace is a drink of cool refreshing water for anyone who also carries this same burden in their heart; like I do.

Right now he's looking at how assemblies of believers search for Pastors. Specifically dealing with search committees, transition and candidacy.  This is something I'm going to be reading this week with interest because my own assembly is considering a candidate for the position of Associate Pastor.

Please pray for Liam and for the ministry that God would have for him through his blog!

I've added Into This Grace to the links and blogs I follow here.

1 comment:

Liam Moran said...


Thank you for your gracious post and link to Into This Grace.

I have always been a firm believer as I know you are, that Grace theology and our orthodoxy needs to be the basis for our orthopraxy. Grace needs to affect all walks of our lives and ministry.

It is good to be able to connect and dialogue with other like-minded, grace-oriented believers.

I will be praying for you as your church continues to pursue this pastoral candidate. I have been addressing these matters in length because my own experience has led me to find a number of search committees are not Word-centered. I have seen the damage done as a result of this. Some search committees are at a loss on how to focus on cores spiritual matters and a great deal of damage can be done when a church has a search committee that is not Word-centered or grace-based.