Friday, January 14, 2011

Just finished reading Slave

I've just finished reading John MacArthur's Slave this moment. My first impressions still stand - though some will require some tweeking when I publish my review of the book.

In short, I feel like I've just watched a movie that was promoted to be a summer blockbuster which would win all the awards.. and it turned out to be Transformers 2.

This book is WAY over hyped...


Jan said...

Looking forward to your review, Kev!


Kevl said...

Hi Jan & All,

Sorry for this being slow. I'm really conflicted about how in detail I should go with the review. There's much that doesn't need to be repeated... and much of the book is really not worth commenting on...

I'm talking with Lou about it and hopefully we'll come up with the best way to tackle it in a helpful way.


Jan said...

I figured you are keeping us waiting for a good reason. :)

I'm sure it will be worth reading when you are done.