Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upcoming Book Review

Update: Here's Part 1 of the review

On Monday I will begin a multi-part review of the revised and expanded edition of Rev Lou Martuneac's In Defense of the Gospel: Biblical Answers to Lordship Salvation. I read the first edition back in June of 2008. Right about the same time as the latest revision of John MacArthur's The Gospel According to Jesus came out.

In the span of at least three articles I will examine and introduce the book to you. Does Martuneac present a valid defense? Does he do violence to the character of Lordship Salvation proponents in ad hominem style attacks? Does he distort the Lordship Salvation view of the Gospel in order to make it easier to argue against? Does Martuneac water down the Gospel to the point that it's not even worth defending?

There is no other doctrine of higher importance to the World than that of the Gospel. I personally don't care about the Gospel according to John MacArthur or Lou Martuneac. What I care about is the Gospel according to Scripture. At this blog I've explored MacArthur's offering at length, and over the next three weeks I'll explore Martuneac's. Together we're going to see if Martuneac's offering is a help or a hinderance to those seeking truth.


Anonymous said...

I think it is obvious from your "review" of MacArthur's GATJ where you stand. You will end up praising Martuneac's book as a great and necessary work for believers regardless of how much of the issue they understand.

Kevl said...

Hi James,

Thanks for the comment. Yes I believe you're correct it is obvious where I stand based on my "review" of TGATJ.

That book has left a lasting impression on me none the less. So has Lou's, but there'll be more on that in my coming articles.

Have a great day!