Saturday, July 10, 2010

Preaching - In Accordance With The Scriptures

My Pastor has been teaching through the book of Acts verse by verse. We're up to chapter 13 and he asked me to teach from Acts 13:13-41. It's a long passage, and of course my passion for the Gospel led me to teach more than was absolutely needed. :)

This was preached at Colby Drive Bible Chapel on July 4th, 2010. Please note there was a fan cycling back and forth blowing on my microphone, and this has been mixed to be part of the audio resource library for TCC, the ministry I serve God through.

Here are the passages I used in the order I used them (there are a couple of references missed here);


Jer 18:1-6

1Cor 15:3-4

1Cor 15:12-19


Acts 13:13-17

Exodus 6:6

Acts 13:18-19

Deut 7:1-2

Deut 7:6-11

Acts 13:20-22

1Sam 13:13-14

Deut 17:14-20

Acts 13:23

2Sam 7:12-16

Acts 13:24-25

Acts 13:26-27

Dan 9:24-27

Luke 3:1

Acts 13:28

Isa 53:10

Rom 3:21-26

Acts 13:29

Deut 21:22-23

Isa 53:9

Acts 13:30-31

Ps 16:8-10

Ps 30:3

Ps 41:10

Hos 6:2

1Cor 15:6

Acts 13:32-33

Ps 2:7

2Sam 7:14

Heb 1:5-6

Acts 13:34

2Sam 22:51

Ps 89:19-37

Isa 55:3

Acts 13:35-36

Acts 13:38-39

Exo 20:1-17

Ezk 18:20

Isa 53:6

Isa 55:1-3

Acts 13:40-41

Closing Prayer


Kevl said...

Now I want to hear the LS proponents tell people that I preach "easy believism."

I preach the Christ and Him Crucified. I may not be particularly good at it, but the message is true and the Lord will use it.


Jan said...

That was great, Kev!!

You are a very good speaker. I hardly noticed that almost a full hour had passed.


Kevl said...

Thanks Jan,

You know it's terrible to take 50 minutes and still believe there was much left unsaid. I could surely preach the "message" I intended in shorter time, but that would have left much of the passage untaught.

I think I could preach about Christ for the rest of my life and still leave far too much left unsaid.