Friday, May 15, 2009

Just in from the "Trust your eternity to scientists" department.

One must attempt to retrain one's self from giggling.


Science Daily is reporting that just because they teach you something in graduate school doesn’t make it right.
OK try as I might... I just have to giggle. I love this next bit too...

This confirms suspicions that have been around since the 1990’s, and likely plays havoc with global models of climate change
Yes.. people trust Science to tell you that people evolved from soup and that there is no God.... at your own peril. Doesn't the fact that they can't tell you what the weather is going to be like on Saturday give you pause when they tell you how warm it was 50 million years ago? Or that we're all going to live on boats if we don't stop driving cars?

Operational Science is fantastic because you repeat things and verify them. Any science that isn't operational is a faith. Since it's often a faith that exists solely to refute another faith it is seldom ever a rational faith.


Sanctification said...

Hi Kev,

I was enjoying learning and absorbing information from the graphic till I discovered the big fat "X" in the center. Ooh, guess that's the end of that...


Siarlys Jenkins said...

So, a science journal publishes an article which openly and honestly admits that accepted scientific theories can be, have been, and are currently being, modified by new data, that science doesn't have an omniscient grasp on the whole truth, that we are always learning... and you have a problem with that? Where is your sense of Christian ethics? Should they have suppressed the new research? Hinted that the new research is really the way scientists always thought? (That is how many institutionalized religions, Christian and Muslim, seem to handle matters of doctrine).

Science has nothing to say about eternity, except perhaps that we don't know what existed before and outside of the initial burst of light so widely established as the beginning of our universe. But, what if God is angry that we have dug up and burned all that fossilized carbon that he, in his infinite wisdom, removed from the atmosphere to create a climate suitable to beings made in his own image, namely us? Don't worry about Al Gore telling us about inconvenient truths... God has much more devastating ways to affirm truths we may find inconvenient!!!

Kevl said...

LOL Siarlys... need I spell it out for you?

They say that Evolution is taught in schools... it must be true.. their science supporting it is absolutely true.. and weekly all their big ideas change.

It's the fact that people think that Science has proven Evolution, but can't seem to prove very much that I find amusing.

I love when an Evolutionist uses their religion of Science to say that the Bible isn't true and the next day I see that the science the person was talking about was just proven to be untrue.

The Bible is and always will be absolutely true.

I don't need to suppress anything... investigate away.. but I will laugh when the world's high minded wisdom is again and again shown to be false.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, we WERE talking about science in general, now you are narrowing it down to evolution. I too am amused when anyone claims, in the name of science, that the Bible isn't true. I was just looking at an article on the repairs being made to the Hubble telescope. The new wide-field camera "will allow astronomers to peer deeper into the universe, to within 500 million to 600 million years of creation." What more could a monotheist who reads Genesis ask (that includes Christians, Jews and Muslims) than routine assumption in the science of astronomy that there was a creation? We can't expect science to offer PROOF of a transcendent deity. What experiment could test for such a hypothesis? I am, however, impressed that all the astronomical data points to a picture remarkably like the first three verses of Genesis. How did Moses know that, without the benefit of Hubble? Where we differ is, I also find the foundations of evolutionary biology in the first two chapters of Genesis. So, while I have no patience with Richard Dawkins's science fiction (I picked up The Selfish Gene at a rummage sale, and found nothing in it but his personal speculation), I also have little regard for Christians characterizing his literature as the essence of science.