Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christ's work for us, not His work in us, brings peace.

I was just looking up the biography of one of my heroes of the faith, CH Mackintosh, as part of a comment at another blog. This gave me opportunity to learn of the man's conversion. I'm kind of surprised I haven't read about his conversion before... but alas it is encouraging to read today none-the-less.

Here's what I just read. Oh what blessed assurance comes from Christ's work on the Cross.
He obtained peace with God through reading J. N. Darby's 'Operations of the Spirit', and learning that it is Christ's work for us, not his work in us, that gives peace.
You can find Operations Of The Spirit of God here, Part 1 and Part 2.

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Robb Lawson said...

Hm. I had a similar experience after reading Lou's book.