Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Passing of Perry F. Rockwood

Perry F. Rockwood died this Friday at about 5pm here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Years ago my very good friend attended Perry's church, the Missionary Bible Church. It was then that I first started to hear of the incredible faith of this man, and God's faithfulness towards and through him in ministry. I even got to sit under his preaching one Sunday morning.

Perry ministered around the world through The People's Gospel Hour (PGH) and each month he started with nothing but the faith that God would provide. He would travel internationally and broadcast PGH on Christian and secular radio stations all over the place.

Last August, his grandson in-law, who is a close friend of mine took me to see the PGH operation. I was able to speak with Perry for a bit about how they ran the radio program, why they chose the stations they did, how the ministry was structured and how they created and provided resources. It was an incredibly valuable experience. Even just Saturday of one week ago that meeting with him was referenced in a radio ministry meeting as we discussed our direction and plans.

At the time I met him Perry was 90 years old, but more spry and enthusiastic about the Lord, the Bible and Ministry than most men I know in their 2o's and 30's. He spoke of the importance of Salvation, with such intensity and dedication. The protection of the Gospel with passion. And the King James Bible as the "only presserved Word of God for today." On that last point he and I differ, but the man was completely sold on the doctrine. Perry's integrety would not allow him to back off from anything he was convinced to be true. I don't share his view on the King James Bible, but I really ought to share his view and dedication to integrety. It's funny that this morning's broadcast of PGH was a message on the King James Bible. It's almost like Perry is getting his last poke in on the topic, and there's nothing I or anyone else can do about it. He was a forceful man in life, and his legacy will be the same no doubt.

Sitting with friends last night I heard that after a battle with cancer that Perry died on Friday evening. I immediately called his grandson in-law and left a message. I'm told that he praised the Lord and preached the Gospel constantly through the days he was in the hospital. Well done, good and faithful servant are the words I can almost hear Our Lord say of this.

Perry is right this instant in a place of unspeakable Glory, and peace. The struggle with sin and temptation is now over for him. He will spend the rest of eternity basking in the Light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And knowing Him as he has been known by Him, with no more barrier to his view of the Lord. I'm terribly sorry for our loss, but oh so very greatful for Perry's gain. I can hardly wait to join him.


Anonymous said...

Perry F. Rockwood was one of the last preachers on the radio that presented the Gospel with sacredness and holiness. He didn't feel he had to adapt the message or make it "relevant" to today's self-absorbed youth culture. The music he used for his program was gentle and touched the heart. I first heard The People's Gospel Hour in early 1988, and my! -- how things have changed since then. We are much more into the apostasy that he talked about. We rejoice that Perry is in Heaven with our Lord, but saddened by the loss of one of the last uncompromising voice of the old-time Gospel.

Bob Baker said...

Pastor Perry F. Rockwood, like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spent his life trying to save lost souls and bring them to Eternal Life. Although I never met Pastor Rockwood he was like a father to me and I loved him. I know of no other human who did so much for our Lord. He was not living for selfish pleasure or earthly gain. No, he denied himself, took up his cross and followed our Lord, preaching the Gospel of salvation by Faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

I am deeply saddened by his death on this Earth. Yet our lives here are just a brief sojourn, like the morning mist or bloom of the
flower which passeth away. How wonderful to KNOW that Pastor Rockwood has been called out of this world to be with our Lord in Heaven which is far better. He has stored up treasures in Heaven.

He spent his daily life preaching, teaching, printing and broad-casting the precious Word of God to lost souls in many parts of the world. I woke to Pastor Rockwood's daily sermon at 6:20 AM in the 1980's. Of all other preachers, I KNEW he was speaking the TRUTH from the King James Bible.

I learned that no church membership, no good works, self effort or any other human action can save us. Jesus paid it all with his blood shed on Calvary's cross. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. (EPH: 2:8-9)

If ANY today are not saved and SURE of your salvation - REPENT, admit you are a sinner (God already knows) and come to the Lord by faith. Jesus paid the WHOLE price for your and my sins. Trust 100% in the Lord and you will KNOW you are saved. How wonderful to walk with God. There is NO OTHER WAY to Heaven.

God Bless you Pastor Rockwood. I long to finally meet you after this brief life is over: in Heaven with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Well done Pastor Rockwood.

Kevl said...

What beautiful comments. Thank you both!

God Bless,

Charlotte Creamer said...
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Kevl said...

Charlott please feel free to post your thoughts elsewhere but this thread is not at all for debate or discussion of theology.

I have deleted your post but feel free to post elsewhere even on the same subject if you choose.


Look up said...


I didn't even know you knew of him. I met the man, he lived what he preached and was among the very best.

Kevl said...

Hi Look Up,

Yes I met him several times. Sat under his preaching a couple of times. He gracefully brought me through his whole opperation and basically gave me a crash course in ministry.

This man truly did live what he believed! He also lived by faith in the truest sense that I have ever seen it done.

What an inspiration he has been to me!


Look up said...

In 2003 my family and I actually drove across the country to meet him and see if the Lord would have me continue his radio ministry, but the Lord closed the door on that His way. I will never forget looking him dead straight in the eyes when I first met him. Right there I knew who he was, and it was good.

We still listen to the reruns regularly.

Even though they are pastorless, (I expect them to remain that way) Mr. Baker is doing a fine job with it now.

Anonymous said...

czxbzdfThe People s Gospel under Tom Baker has been a solid foundation for me it was Mr, Baker who helped me with bible verses and qoutes when my Mom layed in a hospital dying God Bless TPGH Ministery for their help in letting my Mom recieve Jesus on her death bed. Jim Burden

David Dore said...

I have heard Pastor Rockwood many many times. My wife and I would travel down to N.S. every summer from Ontario to the annual Bible Conference and what a Blessing it was to sit and chat with him. He was such a Godly man. I have many great stories to tell about this wonderful Christian. I was very sad when he went home to be with his Lord and Savoir, but I know for sure I will see him again, and the way this old world is going I don't think it will be to long. Tom Baker a good fried of mine is doing a great job. All the staff at the PGH I know very well, and they are doing a great job A bunch of Godly folk.

Anonymous said...

Perry F.Rockwell is ONE of the VERY BEST I have ever heard. You can tell he truly loved the lord and he was one of a kind. I am sad to hear of his passing. With his sermons and teachings ou can feel the breath of life in them. He was truly meant to do what he did.

Wayne Sanelli