Saturday, December 08, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Wow... dry spell for blogging. I've been really busy.. mostly being sick. Some sort of virus took up residence in my muscles.. and then moved to my lungs. I missed 8 or 9 days of work! But I've recovered now thank God.

I've been doing a crazy workout program that involved running in a swimming pool. OK the running part is hard but I'm getting good at it now. The second part of the program is moving your arms and legs like you're skiing in the water... this is beyond hard. The woman running the program denies ever having seen someone die in her pool... but I'm pretty sure she was crossing her fingers when she said it. As for the "No Running In The Pool" sign... I guess if someone sees us we're all going to be in trouble.

Just the other day I read the first valid argument for someone adhering to King James Bible Onlyism ever. This man needed to draw a line in the sand, to have a final authority. He chose the KJV Bible because of it's history of "good fruit." He doesn't think it's the only good Bible but he is convinced it reveals God's Word and his conscience convicts him to obey it. He doesn't force his view on others as though everyone should only use the KJV. I myself have decided to trust the Spirit who has come to lead believers into all Truth. John 16:13 He is my line in the sand, and He reveals what is written in the Word of God and that is my final authority.

I went to watch The Golden Compass today, on assignment for The Cross Current. Just like what is being reported, the movie theater was only 1/4 full. I took 7 or 8 pages of notes during the movie as research for the next episode of TCC Radio. Even though the tone of anti-Christianity and more so Anti-Catholic message of the books has been dulled greatly for the movie, I still think this movie shows how important it is for people to study the Bible. This movie injects seemingly endless ideas that are anti-Christianity into the mind of the viewer. These ideas are so woven into the plot that I honestly doubt anyone who isn't grounded in good doctrine would even notice. Ideas like that adults can't be changed only kids can. That faith demands a willful ignorance of science. That Christians seek to control the world. And that this mission to control the world is hidden behind the idea that we tell people what to do to help them. The movie is an anti-evangelism indoctrination message for people of all ages who are open to suggestion. The movie doesn't cover the entire series of books.. no surprise they want to make two more movies. I thank God that evangelism is carried out by the Holy Spirit and whoever He wants He is going to get. No one was more willfully blind, more against God than I was. I tried to run away. He saved me anyway.

I've got a bunch of other projects going on.. the TCC team is building a new witnessing framework which is a little more honest, a little more complete, and a lot more about Christ than what we have been trained to use in the past.

God continues to stretch me well beyond where I want to be. He doesn't seem to be satisfied with me living at all in my old ways. He's changing me.. and proving my faith. Life is full of great challenges. But as the challenges show themselves I can see God's sustaining power and His provision for all things.

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