Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Problem With Sharing

Christians are told to bare each other's burdens. We are called "Brethren" or "brothers & sisters". The Bible tells us that a brother is made for adversity.

We try to be this way. Really we do. But the thing is this, just like with everything else we "try" to do we fail. It's only by resting in Christ that we can do the things listed above.

My current failing is in being disappointed when sharing a burden with someone lets the person believe they now have freedom to judge and instruct. Of course we are called to judge each other, and to instruct each other. However, I've very seldom found anyone who's willing to judge and instruct according to Scripture. Instead when faced with a problem someone is experiencing we all (yes I include myself) tend to resort to our own wisdom.

We want to fix the person's problem, but we want to do it "our way". Oh what a blessing it would be to the Body of Christ if we could put ourselves aside for a moment.

God gave me opportunity to do this today. When I felt like I needed prayer God showed me someone who else needed it and I was clearly the person being sent to do it. Our own problems, judgments and wisdom fade away when we are truly given purpose to intercess for someone.

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